Engagement Photography

There are six thousand two hundred weddings being celebrated daily in United States. A survey undertaken by Wedding Paper Divas indicated that 40% of the above couples got themselves engaged around 12 months ago. Thus like their weddings they would also want to document the sweet memories of their engagement day. Keeping this thought in mind lead to the development of engagement photography. Many couples also take this time to get to know the photographer more closely as he would also take their wedding photographs. In the next few paragraphs we have discussed regarding the basic idea of Engagement Photography and how can you select one.

Engagement PhotographyWhat is the importance of having the session?

Nowadays most people are media savvy and they want to look and feel good. The engagement session is the first major event before the great fat wedding. It is also an opportunity to introduce the couple to each other’s family and extended members. Thus when you take the engagement session you celebrate the occasion and this is an important to the main event.  In most cases these sessions would last for around one to two hours only.

Do you need to wear something special?

Most coupes make the mistake of wearing formal clothes during an Engagement Photography session. But you can be different by selecting a theme and then wearing something which blends into the theme. For example the retro look is very popular nowadays .If you want to sport an adventurous look you can take pictures in a old disco and wear the 70’s disco clothes. The whole session would be fun and you would have great memories of it in days to come.

How much would it cost?

The service fees of the engagement photographer along with special theme interiors would cost you a few hundred dollars to the minimum. But in case you are a little short on resources you can also use the natural beauty of your locality and wear simple clothes. The main aim is to enjoy oneself and have fun.

How do you select a photographer?

One of the important decisions that you need to undertake is selecting the right photographer for the engagement event. You might think that this might be no great deal, but when you start looking for one you understand the challenge. In most cases it is important to understand that the good photographers get booked in advance which could be a few months ahead. Thus you might like a specific photographer but he will not have the dates to accomodate you. Here you would need to follow the procedure explained below-

Search the internet

Before you start looking for a photographer who would take photographs for your engagement ceremony it is essential that you search the internet and understand the basic styles that these photographers have and also take an estimate of the fees they charge. A well known photographer might not be the right one for you as he would have a busy schedule and may not accommodate you well. Here it would be good to make a list of the photographers based on their styles and fees.

Fix up an appointment for a discussion

After you have shortlisted a few photographer, the next step would be to fix an appointment with them for a general discussion. Here it is important that you select a photography that you are comfortable with. You should not feel awkward or uneasy when he is around you. After the initial introduction get to explore his work and explain your ideas to him well. In the discussion you can ask him a few questions like-

•    What is his distinctive style?
•    How many years does he have experience in this area?
•    How equipped is he to handle exigencies?
•    What are his charges like?

Compare vendor quotes

Once you have spoken to a few professional photographers, then you would need to compare heir vendor quotes. The best photographer here should not be the cheapest one but somebody who has good creative ideas, charges moderate amount and also is very friendly. If you are still not satisfied request for references from your friends and family members and then select the photographer who would be responsible for your engagement photography.